Monday, February 14, 2011

Lesson in Service Recovery!

No matter how good a systems and people are put in place, mistakes happen.  After all, to err is human. So what is one to do when something goes off course?

To me a sign of a service minded organization is not that they are perfect but more how they respond when something goes off course.  Do they fail to respond? Do they play the blame game?  Or do they step-up thank the customer for letting them know about the issue, apologize and offer to make it right, all in a timely manner?  The later is what I refer to as Service Recovery and it is a sign of a service minded organization.  In fact, here's real example from today that I want to share with you.

This morning you received my post entitled "What's Your Customer Experience Score?"  In it I site two examples, Sport & Health and Verizon. Well, to my pleasant surprise, within 12 hours of that post going out, I received a thoughtful email from Colleen Wolak, Email Marketing & Social Media Director at Sport & Health thanking me, apologizing for the indifference I wrote about and letting me know they are working on improving their service.  A great example of Service Recovery. Thank you Colleen.

Now, as for Verizon?  Nothing.  Sounds to me they need to speak with the folks at Sport & Health and learn about service.  


Joelsef said...

Kudos to Sport & Health. They have at least part of the customer service story right. They need to work on the issues you outlined in your other post, but at least they appear to care.

As for Verizon, their customer service issues are well known. We have Verizon for Internet/TV/phone at home too. How many times I've tried to get things changed or our bill fixed in the past without issues: maybe once. It has gotten better and I think they have acknowledged they have issues. But it has a ways to go. I think the company is just too large.

A good example of how things can improve is Sprint. We have had Sprint wireless service for many years now. A few years back I called to get help because my cell phone would not stay on. The experience was excruciating and I vowed to find a new carrier because of the way I was treated.

However, they realized their error and followed up and acknowledged the issue. The company had major customer service issues across the board. They have been working on it ever since and I am impressed that they have kept at it.

Vinay Kumar said...

Wow, in some odd way, it's too know I am not alone in my Verizon experience. Recently they billed us nearly $500 for an int'l call we never made. I had to file complaint couple of times. They finally denied my claim and when I asked for reason for denial, they would not give me one. And the rep was so rude on top of that. I feel like it was highway robbery.

Glad to hear about Sprint. While they may not be perfect, sounds like atleast they are trying to improve and that says a lot. And it can't be function of size cause Sprint it big too. I think when it comes down to it, it all starts with attitude. Clearly Sprint cares and they are taking steps to improve their service. Very cool and indeed impressive.

Thanks for sharing Joel.

fern said...

Yeah! you're right, No matter how good a systems and people are put in place, mistakes happen. And despite how good your product or service is, customer service can make you up or break you. Anyway, thanks for sharing this interesting post. Looking forward for your next post.

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Vinay Kumar said...

Thank you Fern for sharing your thoughts. Much agree and appreciated. Take care.