Monday, December 19, 2011

So, What's Constant About Change?

There is a popular saying: The only thing in life that is constant is change.  Given this, what I am questioning is within the constant change, what's constant? My thought process is that if we can recognize the constant within the change, and become comfortable with it, then change may not feel so much like change? Thus making it easier to accept and successfully navigate it?

As I reflect on these questions, I come to see that there are 2 elements within change that are constant.  They are:

1. Existence of Gap

Everything that I can think of in our universe, including us humans, is in constant motion. At any given moment, we are here and moving towards there, where ever and what ever there is.  It's different for different people, and we are often moving towards there on many fronts at the same time. This includes for example our careers, businesses, health, finances, relationships.  This constant movement from here and there results means the existence of gaps. While nature of here and there as well as the gaps are ever changing, the presence of gaps is permanent. 

2. Letting Go, Picking Up

To successfully and effectively move through these gaps, we are required to continually adjust metaphorically speaking our road maps.  As in traveling, when current conditions and/or the destination shifts, so we must also make changes to the route.

Similarly, in change we are required to constantly let go of what no longer makes sense, and stop doing it.  As well as we are also required to pick-up what is now needed, and start doing that.  And this letting go and picking up becomes easier when we keep ourselves open and flexible to how we see and think.

In other words we don't get locked into our thinking, and when we find ourselves doing so, we are able to catch ourselves.  This can happen when we continually intentionally challenge how and what we think--our thoughts, our assumptions, beliefs, perceptions and judgements. This means we don't get so comfortable in what is and instead that we remain open to what could be, what will be, the new reality.

By such constantly challenging, by choice, our thinking and looking through new lenses, we can become more comfortable with this way of being.  Then overtime it can become easier to stop doing what no longer makes sense and pick up what does, given the change.

Therefore when we can become more comfortable with the idea of having a gap as well as letting go and picking up, perhaps change won't feel so much like change?  What do you think?

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donnajarvismiller said...

I agree with your #2 point - letting go, picking up. I liken this to my letting go, clearing spaces - whether that is physical (removing clutter, donating items, etc), emotional/spiritual (letting go of an old belief that is no longer working or a toxic relationship), physical (taking care of my health for a better future) or being a quiet leader (letting others lead and I support) and the list goes on. We are in constant change in our lives. I am finding that I do better when I embrace with a positive attitude rather than a "can't work" attitude. As a result, I am learning that change can be good - even if I don't see the good at the moment - so I suggest to others - breathe deeply, take charge with a velvet glove and let change happen. Amazing things can happen when you do (I know it is happening to me now!)