Monday, July 12, 2010

How Much is Enough?


Jane said...

Enough is not always about money. Here's my take on "enough." Enough is when every child is loved for who they are; they are fed, warm, have health and dental care; they have clean air and water and access to safe places to play and discover; and they are taught by teachers who know how to reach every child. Enough is enough when women are paid the same as men for the same work. Enough is enough when everyone who wants to work can find meaningful work for them.

Vinay Kumar said...

Hi Jane,

I really appreciate your reading my posts and commenting. I appreciate your participation and engagement. Thank you.

I agree. It's not always about money. I was using money mainly as a "metaphor" for materialism. So often people get caught up in bigger and bigger houses, fancier cars, latest clothes, more and bigger toys, and so on. While we do need certain amount of stuff, I do wonder when is enough enough.

I am more of the mindset you're coming from. In the end, our joy and meaning doesn't come from more stuff but more love, more human connection, everyone being loved and fed and so on.

If everyone took just a bit less and gave just a bit more towards aspects you touch on, I can't help but imagine what more beautiful world it'll be. In summary, you so beautifully captured what I too feel. Less focus on stuff and more on love and well being of all. Thank you.


PS Did you ever receive the email I had sent last weekend? Was it helpful?