Sunday, July 11, 2010

What If?

Do you ever wonder what the world would be like, if:

1. To our children, we more often said "yes" , then "no"?

2. In our schools, when grading papers, teachers wrote scores on tests and quizzes in-terms of how many the students got right, rather then wrong? For example, write in big bold letter +93, instead of -7?

3. During parent-teacher meetings and later during performance appraisals at work, much more focus was given on what the individual is doing well, what makes them truly special, where and how they add value, and much less focus on weaknesses and where they need to improve?

4. If each person gave just a tad more then they took?

5. If each person left each place they visited just a tad cleaner then when they found it?

6. If we thought more in-terms of what's possible, rather then what if it doesn't work out?

7. If we recognized and rewarded failure, someone taking a risk, trying something new?

What if?

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