Sunday, August 19, 2012

Are You Behaving Like a Fly?

In the book You2, author Price Pritchett shares a story of a fly.  Pritchett one day observes a fly frantically buzzing around the room looking for a way out.  After buzzing around for some time, the fly sees a window and heads straight for it.  Not noticing the clear windowpane it slams into it and falls to the floor.

After some time it gets up, again starts to frantically buzz around, again slams into the windowpane, and again falls down.  This behavior repeats until the fly finally runs out of energy, collapses, and dies.

What the fly did not notice all the while is that right next to the closed window, was an open door.  Had it slightly shifted and saw the open door, it would have flown right out of the room.

As with this fly, how often do we become so set in our ways and continue to do the same thing even though it does not yield results we desire?  And in spite of all signs pointing to the need for us change, we simply refuse to?

So like this fly should have, what do you need to change?  What's the one shift you need to make that will move you forward and get you what you desire?

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