Thursday, August 23, 2012

But I Am Right!

The other day I quietly observed a parent-child conversation.  From what I noticed, this is a relationship where both deeply love and care for each other.  The conversation went back and forth about who is taller. After watching this for some time, I decided to jump in and ask, how does it matter who is taller.  As soon as I finished, I heard this immediate reply "But I am Right".

As I later reflected on this, I wondered: Where in our growth and development it happens that we get so set on being right and making sure others know that?  Then as we go through life, how often is it that we get so caught up in proving we're right that we lose sight of the bigger picture and what truly matters, and what does being right cost us in comparison to the benefits? What would our lives be like if we focused less on our being right and instead more on making others right?  And if we couldn't or were not able to help make others right, atleast just stop focusing so much on making sure others know we're right? 

Afterall, who do you want to be around?  Someone who is constantly trying to prove they are right? Or someone who supports you and acknowledges that you are right?

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