Wednesday, January 5, 2011


The holiday festivities are over. It's time now to begin work that will lead to 2011 becoming a great year. But, where do you start? Where should resources be applied? What exactly needs to be done?

If you're unsure, a great starting point is asking, among your leadership team as well as with involvement of other key players, 5 key questions. It is through these critical conversations focus, alignment, direction and next steps will emerge. These questions are:

1. Who is that we serve? What does our ideal customer look like?

2. For our core customers, what problem do we solve, pain we take away, and value we deliver?

3. Why is solving this problem important to our clients, and to us?

4. What are the 3 critical "things" we must accomplish this year?

5. What work needs to be done to accomplish these, i.e. who will do what by when, and what resources are needed.

Best wishes!

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