Sunday, January 23, 2011

Isn't Everyone Gifted?

Meet Ngoc.  Her job is doing handwork in a lettershop, which often involves tasks like stuffing thousands of envelopes.  It is something I would not last doing for more then 30 seconds before my mind would go numb.  Yet she has the patients of a saint, manual dexterity of a surgeon, and can carry on such tasks for hours on end, all the while smiling and enjoying her work.

At another time at another place, I had the pleasure of talking with and closely observing software developers and engineer types.  While people skills as well as their comfort level in people dealings wasn't their primary gift from what I could observe, when it came to sitting in front of multiple computer screens for long periods of time coding software and solving very complex technical issues, they rocked. 

Then there is my good friend Samantha.  If she had to write and code software, I am sure that would drive her up the wall.  But when it comes to driving business deals, she has the tenacity and the drive like no one else I know. She is simply one of the best when it comes to making the sale, and she absolutely loves it. 

As I move around, I observe every single day that each and every person on this earth has their own unique blend of talents and abilities.  Each is special in their own unique way and each and everyone adds value in some shape and form.

So whenever I see a sign like the one above, or I hear talk of some gifted individuals, I am left wondering what exactly does being gifted mean.  Afterall, isn't everyone gifted?

What do you think?

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Joanna Wert said...

I agree, Vinay. I have seven children. One is gifted in sales, another has the gift of compassion, one has a gift for running a business, one is gifted in learning, one has a gift for getting along with children and teens, one is gifted in cleaning, organizing, and decorating, and the last is athletically gifted. Actually, these aren't even all of their gifts. Of course, I'm a little prejudiced, being their mother, but I can see it with other people as well. At the same time, we all have or "disabilities". I came to realize this because my one son is learning disabled. I soon starting thinking about the disabilities in the rest of the family.