Saturday, January 29, 2011

Why Hire Professional Services?

My dear friend of many years, Tony Rossell, Vice-President (and Membership Marketing Guru) at Marketing General recently wrote a very informative post entitled Why Hire A Marketing Agency.  While Tony wrote in the context of outsourcing marketing services, points he shares I believe apply to hiring of professional services in general.

As many of you from time to time outsource, hire professional services, I thought you would find his post worthwhile reading.  Therefore, I wanted to bring it to your awareness. (Btw, in the picture above, that's Tony on the right hand side, along with his son.  Tony is a huge baseball fan as well as coaches a local baseball team.  A great friend to have in your corner.)


Tony Rossell said...

Hi Vinay -- Thanks so much for sharing my post. You are very kind. By the way, the baseball team is off to a great start wtih a 6 and 0 record. Tony

Vinay Kumar said...

Well, that's no surprise. Look who is coaching them. :)