Saturday, January 15, 2011

Remembering Dad

This year is the 100th anniversary of Ronald Reagan. In his celebration, this weekend Parade magazine is running a piece entitled "Remembering my Father", with a picture of President Reagan and his family on the cover.

As my dad was a strong Reagan supporter, today I am remembering (and missing) my dad, which I do often. When I look back, frequently I wonder where the time went and how I missed so many opportunities to spend more time with him and to be a better son. As I myself get older, face my own life's many trials and tribulations, I become increasingly appreciative of how much he (with my moms support) accomplished in life and how so many lives he touched in a very positive way. If I can achieve and do for others even 1% of what all he did, I would consider myself very fortunate and blessed.

So today, to all the dads and sons (and mothers and daughters too), I want to invite you to stop whatever you are doing and take just a few moments to listen to this very special song called Cats and the Cradel by Harry Chapin. Cats and Cradel is one my favorite songs and each time I hear it, it stops me in my tracks, bringing tears, reminding me what's truly important and meaningful. I think you'll feel the same.

To listen to it, go to this link: Then do whatever you're moved to do. We don't have to wait for any specific days such as Father's and Mother's Day. Why not make today, this moment, special by reaching out to those in your lives and doing something special for them, even if it's just a quick call or email letting them know how much you love them and how much they mean to you. What a beautiful way to start a new year.

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