Tuesday, January 19, 2010

3-Steps to Sales Success for Introverts

Today I want to share a sales process that I learned through my sales journey, as an introvert. It's a process that utilizes our inherent strengths and is in-line with our personality type.

So once you are firmly established in the first 3 pillars discussed in my post entitled "The 4 Fundamental Pillars Crucial to Building Introverts' Sales Success", you are then ready to take the 3-steps to building your client base.

As for pillar #4, if you are a start-up, your marketplace will evolve and shift over time and only after some time will you become more focused on couple of verticals. As that begins to take shape, your job will start to become easier and you will begin to gain more success with lesser effort. If you are with an established firm that is focused on specific verticals, then you must also be established in pillar #4 in order to be effective.

Now, let's move onto the 3-steps, which are:

1. Targeting.
2. Developing a lead generation program through building visibility and credibility.
3. Extracting the gold.

Today, I will discuss step #1: Targeting--Identifying Your Marketplace. In subsequent posts, I will discuss steps 2 and 3.

When I first got into my family business, we were closer to the start-up phase, and therefore we didn't have any specific verticals. Rather we were more geographically focused, having clients from variety of sectors. Many of these clients were initially developed early in my career via door-to-door sales approach.

I would literally pick-out an area where there were number of high rise office buildings and visit the various offices in the building. For every 5 people I called, I got one appointment and for every 20 prospects I got one client. I had a 5% success rate.

Keeping a look out as to where revenue was coming from, overtime we noticed lot of our work was coming from associations and non-profits. Fast forward, we further refined our sales and marketing strategy, following what I discussed in my earlier post entitled "Sweet Spot: Maximizing Business Growth and Profits". Once we knew this sweet spot, this in essence became our marketplace within which we focused all of our sales and marketing efforts--allowing us to maximize utilization of our resources, dollar wise as well as our own personal energy.

Next: Look for posts on Step #2.

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