Friday, January 1, 2010

Shifting from Frustration & Stress to Fulfillment & Success

Few months ago, I had the pleasure of advising a business owner who is running her own design/marketing firm. While she was experiencing financial success in her business, she was finding little fulfillment in her work and was feeling stressed.

Her clients were mostly high tech companies. While she took care of her clients' needs, she wasn't feeling fulfilled. She was constantly feeling stretched for time and she barely had enough time for herself. Upon closer look at how she was spending her days, I observed she was getting involved in various social groups after hours.

When I reviewed her assessment results with her, turned out her number one passion was Social (desire to help) and her number two passion was Aesthetic (appreciation of beautify and harmony as well a need for personal downtime--work/life balance). This got me thinking.

Through this discovery process, I had her slowly start to shift her target market to serving the various social causes in the Washington DC area. Thinking was by her working with social causes as her "day job", that would satisfy both her social and business need at the same time -- sort of like striking two birds with one stone.

Well, it's turning out to work beautifully. By slowly making this shift, she is now starting to meet both her business needs as well her social motivation. Another benefit is she is now able to have more down time for herself cause she is not getting involved in so many outside activities as that need is now being met in essence through her work.

By aligning her outer world with her "inner core", she is starting to feel more fulfilled while achieving the desired success in her work, in her life.

I often wonder what impact it would have on our businesses, the individuals who work in those businesses, as well as society in general - if we can help more individuals such as the example above align their work to their core strengths and motivators. Thoughts?

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