Friday, January 1, 2010

Transaction vs. An Experience

I was at the post office few days prior to Christmas, shipping out couple of packages. I noticed the lines were much shorter then usual. As there were couple of others in line doing the same, we got to chatting.

One person chimed in saying now-a-days it's possible that more people are shopping on-line, having the goods shipped directly to their desired destinations. After some chit chat, we all parted feeling that it is/was so much nicer when the stuff would be shipped to us, say from grandma, rather then directly from the retailer, for that felt much more special.

It occurred to me that while in both cases we receive the same goods, in both cases by mail, one method had more the feeling of a transaction whereas the other had feeling of something much more special, a memorable experience, that created a special emotional bond.

As we are emotional beings, weather done consciously or unconsciously, a positive experience is much more powerful in-terms of creating lasting relationships. Those relationships then translate into repeat sales. For afterall, people do buy emotionally and then use rational to justify their decisions.

Therefore from business point of view, what types of actions are you taking to turn ordinary transactions, into more positive experiences?

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