Friday, January 1, 2010

Would You Purchase an Expensive Technology without an Operating Manual?

For those of you who just might, allow me to ask the question another way.

What if for a relatively very small additional investment, you could acquire a document that provides key insights into how you can get the greatest benefit from it's application, would you make that investment?

Yet, for our most expensive investment, our people, it seems very few take the time to truly understand how to get the most out of that investment. Think about it, people costs tends to be the single greatest direct operating cost in majority of businesses and often it's the people who determine success or failure.

Therefore, imagine for a moment, having such a document on each individual providing you key insights such as:

1. How they solve problems and challenges;
2. How they influence others;
3. How they respond to pace of the environment;
4. How they respond to rules and procedures;
5. How to motivate them;
6. How they respond to change and then align them to change initiatives so those new initiatives stick and are successful;
7. How to communicate (as well as not to) with them so you get the results you want.

If you had this information for each of your team members, what would be the benefits to your organization?

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