Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Behavior Style #1: Dominance

Think Donald Trump, George W. Bush, Hiliary Clinton, Michael Jordon, Barbara Walters.
  • Cut to the chase
  • Get it done, now
  • Move on

If you're a high D, you got the gist and are ready to log off this post at this point I am sure. No problem. All other types, I am sure will continue reading.

This style shows up as very competitive, independent, decisive, direct, results oriented, take charge, loves big challenges, fearless, blunt, head strong, impatient. Many times they are labeled as Type A, Alpha Males (applies to women too). This is how they are naturally wired.

While it's not High Ds intent, some view them as demanding, pushy, aggressive, egotistical, abrasive and other similar choice words. In the right role and situation though, they add tremendous value to the team for they are not afraid to take on tough challenges. In fact, they thrive on them.

These individuals are forward looking, great in situations where quick decisions are needed, where one needs to say take on a tough competitor, make the impossible possible. And they love change and in conflicts, they'll fight back. So never back them into a corner for they don't like to loose control or to loose.

Can you visualize those within your circle who fit these characteristics?

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