Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Behavior Style #4: Compliar

Think Al Gore, Monica Geller on Friends, Accountants, Auditors.

These folks are critical thinkers, direct and to the point in their communications, very detail and fact oriented, precise, accurate, compliant, logical and meticulous. They see the holes before the net, they fear being wrong, they tend to avoid conflict and they love to ask questions.

On the other hand, by some they are viewed pessimistic, cold, distant, picky, fussy, hard-to-please. But hey, you want them on your team for they'll catch potential critical mistakes before they happen, so they can be prevented.

For them a famous saying could be "In God we Trust, All Others Use Data". They like to test things out for they want proof. And if High Cs are reading this, I am sure they must have found my typos in this post already and that they already have long list of questions on what I have written, and on this topic in general.

Oh, one critical piece of data. This style in particular is not comfortable with physical contact, specially from strangers. So when you come into "contact" with them, I recommend you keep some distance, giving them their space.

Can you visualize those within your circle who fit these characteristics?

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