Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pop Quiz on Behaviors :)

OK gang, you just finished learning about the 4 behavioral styles. Let's practice applying what you have learned over the last 4 days.

Here are 4 different scenarios. Can you identify the style of each of these individuals?

1. John is a successful engineer. He is very precise, patient, logical. Great with details and can communicate them clearly and exactly. He avoids conflicts and functions best when working alone. In his field, he is an expert.

2. Sally is strong-willed, results focused, tries her best to get everyone to focus on achieving her goals. Hates taking care of details. She took a huge risk to start her own business in a very competitive industry. She is determined to succeed.

3. Jimmy is very social, loves to talk, and glad to help people, and enjoys getting attention. He is the one who loves to go to social gatherings, pays lot of attention to how he looks and is great to cheering people on. When it comes to details however, that can be a problem for he missed on critical details.

4. Suzie is a calm, logical person who does not like sudden changes. She likes clear instructions and what's expected from her. While she can work alone, she does like being part of a team, around people and values honesty and a logical well thought out approach. Before starting any project, she likes to plan it out in details step by step before diving in. She is loyal and hard working and is able to also focus on details of the task while also being at the same time sensitive to the people around.

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