Friday, November 19, 2010

Motivator #6: Passion for Tradition

The other day, I was at a gathering of retired army officers, which took place at the home of my brother-in-law who himself is retired from Army. I observed that many came proudly wearing their uniforms and they continue to follow army traditions, protocols, even after retirement. Their language consists of topics related to ranks, operating procedures, strong values and believe in the cause.

These army officers were exhibiting passion for tradition.

Folks who score high on this passion work hard, and many even giving their lives, for causes they strongly believe in. For example, they are say either Republicans or Democrats, Prolife or Prochoice, vegetation or non-vegetarian, and so on. And if you share beliefs, it's great. If not, it can be challenging.

Who do you know who shares this passion? Where and how do you see them adding value? And knowing what you now know, how would you motivate them, so you get the best out of them?

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