Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Behavior Style #3: Steady

Think Laura Bush, Mr. Rogers.

These folks are absolutely wonderful for they serve as a calming force when it seems all hell is breaking loose. Plus they are extremely loyal and very dependable, getting done what they commit to. They are the rock you can count on to be there when you need them. But don't let the calm easy going nature fool you. They have strong opinions but they just don't express them vocally.

In addition, they are great listeners, consistent, patient, quietly persistent, highly sensitive, tolerant, friendly, tactful, diplomatic, amiable, stable, understanding and team players. They love to build long-term relationships.

They are also great at reconciling factions, and they serve as a stabilizing force. Before they start on a project, they love to plan it out, draw it, and then think and act step wise. Start one task, finish and then move onto next. For example, they'll read a book start to finish before staring another one.

By some though, they can be viewed as unconcerned, as if they are not with the program, hesitant, inflexible, stubborn, detached, indecisive, resistant change, overly sensitive. It's just that they time to ponder alternatives and make decisions.

For these people, they do fear personal rejection and loss of stability so be sensitive to this when dealing with them. As for emotions, they are pretty good at hiding their emotions so you gotta be very attuned and sensitive to know what they are really feeling and thinking under that cool calm collected surface. For they'll quietly tolerate conflict, till one day it builds to a level that it can erupt like a volcano, leaving everyone stunned and surprised.

Can you visualize those within your circle who fit these characteristics?

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