Friday, November 19, 2010

Motivator #1: Passion for Learning

Do you know people who love learn? They are continuously reading about variety of subjects, participating in webinars, taking courses, and so on?

They are curious, they seek to understand, to gain deeper knowledge. These people have a passion for learning. Afterall, as the famous saying goes, "a mind is a terrible thing to waste".

Who do you know who has this passion? Where and how do you see them adding value? And knowing what you now know, how would you motivate them, so you get the best out of them?

Or let's say you had a prospect, or customer, who is high on this passion. How would you sell to them? What words would you use? How would you craft your offering, etc.?

As you read about motivations, in this post above as well as upcoming 5 more posts on these motivations, after reading the description of each, reflect on the questions above.

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